Bar - Panoramic restaurant

The restaurant offers a tremendous view of the Casamance River.
European and African Cuisine.

Grill over a wood fire, fish, seafood, filet of beef, lamb.

The Bar is located on a pier over the river. Scores of fresh fruit juices: made, grapefruit, bissap, monkey bread, guava, mango, passionflower, etc ... Depending on the season.

Fruits cocktails, alcohol, beer, champagne.

Blend flavors : Europa and Africa
From breakfast to special events
About the hotel...

47 double rooms overlook the river Casamance, every comfort, including access through our wonderful tropical garden ...

To discover...

• Djilapao
• Mlomp
• Karabane island
• Edioungou
• Kingdom of Bandial
• Fishing, kayak, canoe
• The Djibelor Farm

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Embarcadère de Boudody
B.P. 363
52024 ZIGUINCHOR - Sénégal
Phone : +221 33.938.80.00
Fax: +221 33.991.16.75
Email :
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